Slide The emperor's new clothes Peer pressure can make us believe, say and do absurd things. Neither the emperor nor the villagers benefit from the silence. The only ones who benefit are the merchants of the "invisible clothing". Slide The Circle The Circle is against groupthink. Individual contribution is more prized than the growth of the group, so the people will be more important than the group itself. Slide The Circle is not special. Things that are bad ideas for others, are bad ideas for us. There is no reason for us to bend the rules of physics, logic or, more importantly, ethics. There is no "higher purpose", no end to justify the means, and we are not morally superior to anybody else. Slide The Circle is not infallible. Facts and data are more likely to be true than our group beliefs. When somebody points out that we have been misguided, then we need to have a think. What are the facts in this case? Slide Love the out-group. There is no need to demonise other opinions, people or groups. The Circle is the place where we have honest conversations that aim to help the people outside the group too! We have no Pope, but we also have no Antichrist. Slide Do not self-censor. Have trust in yourself - if you have an idea, people will want to hear it and discuss it. Being quiet doesn't help anyone. Speak your mind. Don't censor yourself. Slide Join us! Are you in? We'd love to have you! Welcome to the Circle.